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About Us

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Omia Agribusiness Development Group (OADG) Ltd is an Agribusiness Development firm incorporated in Uganda on the 16th of November, 2016 providing farmers with access to quality, genuine and affordable Agricultural Inputs, Agricultural Extension Services and Linkages to profitable and reliable output markets. The firm started its operations in July, 2018.

As Agricultural Value Chain Developers, we work with farmers, traders, the government, investors in public and private sector to develop and execute agribusinesses, operating environment, food processing, and infrastructure as well as retail distribution projects in Uganda across the agriculture sector. Our current operations are guided by the Farm Service Center (FSC) Model which provides a one-stop center to the needs of the Agricultural Value Chain actors.

Managing Director

Iganachi Razaki Omia

Iganachi holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from Makerere University and a diploma in Agriculture from Agrostudies, the international center of Agricultural training in Israel.

He has a strong passion for Agribusiness Value Chain development specifically in improved inputs, commodity trading and farmer extension services

Manager, Agricultural Inputs

Acidri Goefrey

Acidri graduated with a Bachelors of science degree in Animal production from Busitema University. He manages our unit that ensures farmers have access to quality, genuine and affordable Agricultural Inputs. He does this through assessing farmer input needs, sourcing for inputs from reliable suppliers, selling to farmers as well as offering the necessary advisory services on inputs use.

Manager, Commodity Trading

Ombaru Grace Drilliga

Grace is a graduate of Agribusiness Management from Makerere University. She is highly experienced in coordinating marketing activities for farmer’s produce. This is evidenced by her works in Arua District Farmer’s Association as a Marketing Coordinator, program field officer with RTI international and other marketing activities with Barclays bank.She manages the Commodity Trading division for OADG LTD. These activities stretch from sourcing of produce from farmers, transportation, value addition, storage and consequent marketing.


Asega Husseini

Husseini has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Makerere University majoring in soil science and a diploma in Agriculture from Agrostudies, Israel. He is currently winding up with his Masters in Soil Science from Makerere University. He has experience as a demonstration farm manager in Rupin Demonstration farm, Israel. He worked as an agronomist for Balton (U) LTD as well as an Agronomist intern Intern with Prior Citrus Farm in Israel. He heads the Agricultural Consultancy unit of OADG LTD. The Unit provides professional consultancy services to farmer groups, organizations engaged in Agriculture and other value chain actors in Agriculture.

Value Chains

Adilu Kato

Adilu Holds a diploma in Crop production from Bukalasa Agricultural College. He obtained a diploma in horticulture after a one year on-farm training in the state of Israel. Currently he is doing a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from Egerton University in Kenya. Kato manages the farm house in Arua that provides farmers with accessible and affordable genuine inputs. Before that, he was a trainer of trainees for Danish Refugee Council in Yumbe. He also worked in a citrus farm in Israel as an agronomist intern for one year. His passion is in horticultural production, green houses, irrigation and input distribution.

Value Chains

Jurua Richard

Richard holds a diploma in Animal production from Busitema University. He is very passionate and knowledgeable in Animal production systems including livestock health management, animal nutrition and other management aspects. He is a recent graduate, very hardworking and dedicated to work. He handles aspects of livestock production for OADG LTD under the Manager, Agricultural Consultancy.

Sales Agronomists

Ayikoru Gladys

She completed a certificate in Organic Agriculture from the Rural community in Development (RUCID) Organic Agriculture College in Mityana. She is responsible for all sales in the Farm House in Arua. In addition, she assists in putting up demonstration gardens to showcase improved Agricultural Technology and also provides technical Assistance for Farmers at the Farm House.

Sales Agronomists

Andama Marion

Marion has a national certificate in Agriculture from Nile Farm Institute, Arua. She is experienced in farmer trainings on vegetable production as well as value addition and marketing of honey products. She works at the Farm house in Arua together with Ayikoru Gladys selling Agricultural inputs and providing technical support to farmers.

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